Calling Bullshit On Banter.

Banter. A word frequently used by millennials to describe rapport between two or more people, or in my opinion, most commonly used to disguise insults. Now, according to Google, the word "Banter" is the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks." Which I agree with, however , speaking from experience, I've heard it used in a not so friendly nor playful manner. A lot of the time, I've seen and heard people use it to out rightly insult someone, but to soften the blow of the harsh and hard hitting taunt, the victim is often met with two words that I'm starting to develop a fervent dislike for. "It's banter".  As if those words are meant to somehow justify whatever has been said or make the poor soul feel better. Now, I'm guessing a lot of us are guilty of doing this (myself included) and if you are one of those who do this regularly, just know that I'm not shaming you but instead, I'm posing a question.(or two.)

Why has banter become a facade we seem to hide behind? Why don't we just say how we really feel? Is it because we have a fear of being labelled as rude, due to our inherent need to be liked by everyone? All I'm suggesting, is that we all try to be a bit more honest with each other, without hiding behind "buzz words." With that being said, there is a very fine line between being honest and just darn rude! A line that a lot of people seem to cross (knowingly or not). There is a way of expressing yourself honestly without coming across as a twat.(duly noted) However, there is something to be said about those who are so forthright. With such people, you know where you stand. They don't hide behind banter. With such, there is no pretense. No shadiness or passive aggressive nonsense. Just honesty, combined with a Don't give a f*ck attitude, which I think is something to be admired and something we could all learn from.
Rant over.

Ife x

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