Fashion Favourites: Ones to watch!

This week I decided to launch a series of upcoming blog posts, telling you guys which stars, ( in my opinion) are rising up as far as the style stakes are concerned. The celebrities I'll be talking about over the next few weeks , are stars whose style have evolved ( and are continuing to do so). So without further ado...
The first star in this fortnightly installment is the brunette beauty, Emily Ratajkowski. The Blurred Lines star turned actress, model and activist. Emily has always been faultless when it comes to her style, that was made unequivocally clear even as far back as 2013, when we first set eyes on her. Here are some images that hopefully prove my point:

As the years go by Emily's style has only gotten better. She always look amazing and manages to look so well put together while often dressing so casual and simple and  emitting a "I woke up like this kind of vibe" ( which she probably did) , as seen below:

But when it comes to an award night (or any prestigious event) Emily certainly knows how to pull it out the bag. She always looks incredible in any gown she chooses to wear,designer or not. Her look screaming elegance whilst oozing self assuredness coupled with sophistication ,thus making her a  personal red carpet favourite of mine.

Ratajkowski's style evolution has been a joy to witness over the past few years, by no doubt helped by her ridiculously striking good looks, gym honed body and perhaps a personal stylist?  whatever the reason,as a result,she has become a style icon in her own right and I have no doubt that shes on a onward trajectory from here,as far as fashion as concerned.

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