Fashion Favourites: Ones to watch- Daisy Lowe

So it's been a while since you've seen a Fashion Favourites post from me but not to worry! Its finally here! In this weeks post, the second star I'll talking about is the beautiful Daisy Lowe. Model and daughter of  fashion designer Pearl Lowe and rock star Gavin Rossdale. I think with parents like that, combined with her being a model, Daisy sure knows what she's doing when it comes to fashion and style. As seen below:

Even when she dresses casually, she always manages to add an element of grunge to her look, by wearing clunky leather lace up boots or the classic biker jacket, whilst looking ever so chic. She almost manages to add her own touch to an outfit which makes her outfits distinctive.

She alway manages to pull it out of the bag when it comes to LFW(London Fashion Week), never failing to look elegant in anything she wears, whether it be a long , billowing skirt or a minidress. She always looks chic and sophisticated even if in an understated outfit.

When it comes to awards night or any glamorous event, Daisy pulls out all the stops. Looking the picture of elegance in any dress she chooses to wear. A lot of the time, at red carpet events, she tends to dress in dark colours (usually black) and in dresses that sometimes swamps her tall, willowy figure and occasionally opts for pastel colours and nude tones that compliment her complexion, whatever she's wearing, she always looks amazing. 

I have always loved Daisy's style, and often cite some of her looks as inspiration for a few of my outfit choices. Always looking effortlessly cool without trying too hard. ( A look that takes a LOT of effort to achieve, might I add) Her style evolution has been lovely to witness and I can imagine will only get better.


* All images are sourced from Pinterest

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