Top 10 Favourite songs of 2007- The Tenth Anniversary

2007 was a year where a plethora of great tracks were released. Indie and the like. So in this weeks post, I decided to tell you guys my Top 10 Favourite songs released in that year. There was A LOT so whitling it down to just 10 was sooo hard but somehow I managed it so here they are:

10. Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys -This song comes in at no.10 as it always take me back to 8 year old me, when I used to get dropped off at primary school, as it would always come on the radio quite frequently and also because its a great, catchy tune.

9. Oh My God by Mark Ronson ft Lily Allen- This song brings back sooo many memories whenever I hear it. (which really, is not very often.) Ever so catchy and dare I say it, I even prefer it to the original! (Sorry Kaiser Chiefs) This song will forever be a tune.

8. Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs-  This song is probably my all time favourite song from Kaiser Chiefs and is also their most well known , due to its catchy, impossible to forget chorus. An indie classic, I think.

7. New Shoes by Paolo Nutini- This was the first Paolo Nutini song I heard and afterwards I was hooked and have been a fan of his ever since.

6. She's So Lovely by Scouting For Girls- If ever there was an award for the catchiest song of the past decade , this song would most definitely be a contender. Even if you're in a bad mood, if this comes on, you'll sing along to it. Its just a laidback, unserious song which never fails to put me in a good mood.

5. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's- This song makes me feel some type of way (a good way, I mean). and dare I say it (and I don't say this often) It hits me RIGHT in the feels. Threatening to bring a tear to my eye as a wave of nostalgia hits me like a ton of bricks (sorry if it sounds poetic or ostentatious but I LOVE this song and ALWAYS, always will)

4. I Luv U by The Ordinary Boys- Any song by The Ordinary Boys evokes a strong surge of nostalgia but this particular song always takes me back to that year, when I had a crush on the bands lead singer Preston. Good times.

3. She Moves In Her Own Way by The Kooks- I don't think this needs an explanation, do you?

2. Foundations by Kate Nash- There was no way that this classic wasn't going to be in the top 10, let alone the top three! Its Kate's most popular song and with its all too familiar piano riff at the beginning and her very Southern sounding voice singing the chorus, the song is guaranteed to get a group of people singing along if it comes up at a party.

1. Worried About Ray by The Hoosiers- This comes in at No.1 because its a song I never get tired of listening to. I remember when it was released. It always used to play on the radio quite frequently. Even the music video to it screams 2007. It always take me back to that year, where things were so much simpler, I had no worries or stress. It was a time where people's lives weren't governed by technology.(at least not as much as it is now) Social media wasn't at the forefront of our minds so we could focus on the good music that was released at that time. This song (as well as this band) never fail to remind of that so for that reason, it is and always will be my favourite song that was released in that year.

Ife x

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  1. I absolutely love most of these songs, I love scouting for girls and that was my jam back when I was 10��, I also love paolo nuttini and love the song pencil full of lead I think it's such a tune! Weird to think that I was 10 when these songs came out ����

    1. Oh I know! Aren't they fab?! Yes that's a great song! I know right, makes me feel so old haha!


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