Random Discoveries: Tamu Massif

Don't you just love when you're listening to one of your Spotify Daily mix playlists and a song that you are not exactly familiar with comes and you just happen to love it?! Then afterwards, you end up clicking on the artist's name and listening to every song they have on their Spotify profile?!  If you're like me and the answer is yes then I am glad I'm not the only one that does this and also you are in luck! This week, I decided to launch a new series called Random Discoveries, in which I talk about a new and upcoming artist or band who I discovered on Spotify, SoundCloud and the like, detailing why I'm fond of them. The first artist I'll be talking about is singer-songwriter Tamu Massif aka Dave Dixon.

I first heard his song ''Iron Lights'' when I was listening to a Spotify playlist and I just fell in love and had it on repeat. Eventually, when I had listened to it enough times, I listened to his other songs like the newly released ''Animal'' and ''Rare Candy'' and equally loved it as much as I did ''Iron Lights''. His songs are often a cross between electronica and indie folk. His vocals are deep and hushed and combined with a soulful guitar riff make him a joy to listen to. He recently released his EP Bala which is out now, so check it out!

Ife x

Also, check out his social media:
Twitter: @tmassif

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