Random Discoveries: Billie Marten

Picture this. I'm currently sat at my laptop on a grey, dismal but dry Saturday afternoon, earphones in, listening to one of my daily mixes on Spotify and the dulcet vocals of Billie Marten, comes on. I look to see what song is playing and see its the song 'La Lune'. I take a liking to it and immediately save it to my saved songs on Spotify. 

Billie Marten

If you've not heard of her, I'll give you a brief summary. Isabella Tweddle, AKA Billie Marten, hails from Ripon, West Yorkshire and in 2015 signed onto Chess Club Records, aged 16. Since then she has released a series of singles and last year, released her beautiful debut album 'Writing of Blues and Yellows' including the wistful, acoustic ballad 'La Lune' (the first track, I heard from her) and the lovely, slightly upbeat 'Milk and Honey' as well as other lovely tracks that are great for easy listening, long walks in the park or even on the commute! With Billies, soft and dulcet tones combined with an acoustic guitar in the background, it makes for a lovely listen, such a promising debut! If you've not listened to it, I suggest you do because it certainly won't disappoint!

Ife x
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Website: http://www.billiemarten.com/
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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely be giving it a listen <3 awesome post

    1. Aww good,hope you like it! Thank You!Means a lot! <3


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