The Things They Don't Tell You About Blogging

So I've been blogging for 7 months now, though it feels longer. I'm still a newbie in the Blogosphere but in recent months I have come to love blogging. I enjoy creating content for you all to read but there are a few things about blogging that I did not know and had eventually come to find out on my own, so for this week's post, I decided to tell you the top 5 things they don't tell you about blogging.

1. PR Companies will not contact you as soon as you publish your first post. Thanks to Instagram, it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking PR companies will contact you,flooding your inbox left right and centre. For most of us, this won't be the case, not for some time at least. It takes A LOT of hard work and persistence but when you eventually do get contacted, it will be soo worth it!

2. Blogger Comparison is REAL.  It really is. I always find myself comparing myself to various other bloggers! Comparing the blog design/layout, constantly changing my blog's theme so that it looks anything remotely close to someone elses. But I understand  that more than anything your blog should reflect you and your personality and no one else. Blogger comparison is okay because it gives you a goal for your blog, something to strive for but you can't let it be the be all and end all as its your content that will draw people in ultimately.

3. There are days where you will have no motivation/inspiration to write anything and its OKAY. Seriously. There are days where I genuinely have the intent to write a blog post and then I'd sit in front of my laptop and NOTHING comes. Absolutely NOTHING.( I wrote about this a while back which you can read here)Not even the title and honestly it is SO frustrating. But there are days where you'll be motivated to write loads of posts and you will, easily. Those are the good days that are worth waiting for.

4. You make a load of lovely new friends. Since blogging, I have acquired a lot of new blogger friends on Twitter/Instagram! Networking really counts for a lot in blogging, as its a way of making friends and connecting with people in the same field as you, who understand how things works and are always there for support.

5. You eventually fall in love with it. I've come to love blogging. I enjoy curating content, checking my stats, adding little touches to my blog that resembles parts of my personality and getting a good reaction from my followers/readers. To receive a compliment from a fellow blogger/reader telling you how much they love your content makes it all worth while.

Ife x

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  1. Great post ! My blog is only two months old so I’m still learning I have truly fallen in love with blogging just need to ding my direction

    1. Thank you! There's so much to learn along the way, as I have... aww you'll find your direction soon, it takes time but you'll get there! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Considering you've only been blogging for less than a year, your blog looks incredible!! Great content, layout, pictures, everything! Go you! This was a good post, I think everyone expects to get contacted by PRs from day 1 when that's not the case.

    Holly x

  3. Aww thank you!! Comments like this mean a lot! I love your blog layout too btw! Very professional looking!


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