Top 5 Favourite Albums of 2007- Tenth Anniversary

Hi guys, its been a few months since I've done a ''Top 5 or 10 Favourite of 2007'' post and since the last one was well received (which you can read HERE if you haven't already), I decided to do a follow up, detailing my Top 5 favourite albums from that year. Before I go on, I'd like to say a huge thanks to those who read the last one, talking about my favourite songs from that year, it seemed like people liked it and is my most popular post so thank you!

Sam Beam AKA Iron and Wine

5. The Shepherd's Dog by Iron and Wine. This gem from singer- songwriter Sam Beam aka Iron and Wine, is the perfect follow up to the album 'Our Endless Numbered Days'  released 3 years prior. Oozing folk from the get go, The Shepherd's Dog is full of guitar strung hits like 'Boy With A Coin' and 'Resurrection Fern'.  The album ends with the calm and relaxing 'Flightless Bird, American Mouth''....this album has a very folky feel overall, perfect if you just want to relax and sounds just as good as it did 10 years ago!

4.  Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys. Released in the spring of 2007, the perfect follow
up to their debut album 'Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not' released a year earlier. This album features the classic 'Fluorescent Adolescent' and '505' as well as other guitar heavy tracks filled with catchy riffs and witty lyrics. This album has such a raw sound, much thanks to Turner's baritone vocals and is probably why it remains a much loved album, a decade after its release.

3. For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver. This beaut of an album written and produced by Justin Vernon, (front-man of the band,pictured right) in his father's hunting cabin is the result of a relationship breakdown and collapse of his former band. In the wake of this tough time, this album was born and catapulted his newly formed band into recognition with tracks like ''Skinny Love'' and ''Holocene''. The perfect album to listen in the midst of a break up, going through a bad time or even just to relax. With folky guitar strung hits combined with Vernon warm, raspy vocals, this album makes for a beautiful listen.

2. Made of Bricks by Kate Nash. Yes this classic. It would be       criminal if this wasn't in my top 3. Such a poignant album, a brilliant debut. This is one album that really stands out from my childhood. Always hearing the classic ''Foundations'' or '' Mouthwash'' on the radio, 10 years ago. Its an album that has stayed with me through my adolescence and always brings back good memories. Hence why I think it deserves a place in this list!

Leslie Feist
1. The Reminder by Feist. This comes in at number one for a plethora of reasons. Its a stunning album for one. Feist's dulcet vocals pervades through each and every song with soft tones and happy, clappy percussions. I have a number of favourites on the album, including the well known noughties throwback of the indie scene '1234' and the motorik beat of  'My Moon, My Man', as well as 'Sealion'.  But with that said, I love every song on that album! I can't fault one. Not one. Its amazing. Each track always managed to put me in a good mood and even though the general tone of the album is quite happy, some tracks are laced with elements of heartbreak,shown through the lyrics but that only makes it more relatable, so I'm not complaining! So, to put an ending to this sycophantic rant about Feist and her amazing-ness, this comes at No.1 because its an album I can't get enough off even 10 years on. One I'll always find myself listening, in good times or bad and I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing in 10 years from now too.

Ife x

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 Photo by Yaroslav Blokhin on Unsplash

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