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For a while now I've been wanting to up my game on my blog's photography but I'm totally lacking in inspiration in the kind of images I want taken and what ''aesthetic/vibe'' I want to go with. So, recently I've been looking at images on Pinterest and Tumblr that are kind of style I want on the blog and have really inspired me. . (All links/ photographer will be sourced in the caption)

Photo by Takashi Yasui
By Takashi Yakui
I stumbled across the work of Takashi Yakui on Tumblr and was in awe. His Tumblr website is full of panoramic shots of inner city Tokyo. (pictured above) Beautiful shots of people walking in the rain, giving a glimpse into city life, in Tokyo. I'd hope that in future blog posts I'd be able to take shots as amazing as his!

Quentin Debriey is a photographer I discovered via Tumblr. His photography is amazing and usually features candids of his girlfriend Steffy Argelich (see above). Everything about his photos are, I find, so nostalgic and beautiful and I hope that when I start featuring film photography on the blog, mine will be just as good as his!

This look is everything! The coat! The brown jumper, with the shirt underneath! GOALS.. and is a look I'd love to replicate in the not so distant future.

Love these earrings.

Lately I've been wanting to up my jewellery game, as I don't wear a lot, but I really want to! So, when I do, if I ever were to publish a fashion/style post ft yours truly, I'll be featuring shots of my jewellery too.

I love this jacket and admittedly the khaki trousers! (For someone who doesn't own a pair of khaki coloured trousers, I'm surprised too) This whole look is very understated and casual but so very chic, I love it!

Also,via Tumblr I stumbled across the work of Berlin based photographer Kay Ruhe. I spent a while scrolling through her tumblr blog, adorned with portrait shots of models, most of them candids some not. All the photos are beautiful and seem to capture the mood of the subject, which make for stunning photos (as seen above)

Ife x

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