The Veggie Diaries: January- February 2018

So remember that time I wrote a post on Flexitarianism? (read here, if you haven't) It's been nine months since and  the whole idea of reducing my meat consumption has been weighing on my mind for a while.  For the whole of January, I decided to adopt a vegetarian diet, eating mostly plant based food, with the allowance of dairy products, to see if  there is any changes to my body and explore the health benefits for my myself. Read on to find out how I got on!

Week 1: 1st January- 8th January 2018

I did my first weekly shop of the month and bought veggie burgers, Fry's vegetarian sausages,vegetarian lasagne, three bean chili and cauliflower rice, the renown goats cheese and caramelized onion tart. Mainly ready meals, which cost a lot! Okay its not extortionately priced, but on my first weekly shop I spent £19.74 in total. Yeah it's not that much but I spent almost £20 solely on ready meals. After looking at my bank statement, shorty afterwards and couldn't help but think that I could have spent that money on something else! However, the food did taste nice! I loved goats cheese and onion tart! The lasagne was lovely! It had me reaching for the salt, just to give it that extra bit of flavour but aside from that it was nice. I also really enjoyed the three bean chili and cauliflower rice! Even when it was cooking, it smelt sooo good and tasted even better! So, in conclusion the ready meals were really nice but price-wise, not the most cost-effective.

Goats cheese and caremelised tart with baked beans.

Three bean chili with cauliflower rice.

Week 2: 9th January- 16th January 2018

This week was tough. Second week in and all I was craving for was chicken and meat. It's pretty much all my mum cooks, whether it be in stews or in pies, it's always present in the house. However, somehow I didn't let it get to me and I ploughed on eating my meatless meals. I actually began cooking food from scratch. This week, I made a delicious Satay Sweet Potato Curry that I found on the BBC good food website and my gosh it was GOOD, so so good and buying the ingredients was so much cheaper too and is something I would make again even if I'm not vegetarian after this month.  I totally recommend it!
Sweet potato curry with pasta

Week 3: 17th January- 24th January 2018

This week I made pasta and threw in all sorts of vegetables like carrots and mushrooms, I also used kidney beans and sweetcorn. It was lovely! Well seasoned and filling and lasted for a couple of days too which is always good! I also went for even simpler meals like tomato soup and bread. Simple but effective and perfect for the cold weather too! 
Pasta with assorted veg
Classic tomato soup and bread

Week 4: 25th January - 31st January 2018

This was the week I FINALLY got round to trying Linda McCartney's veggie sausages and I love them. The hype that they receive is so warranted. So succulent and 10 times better than normal sausages! I 100% recommend! I also made some pasta, with cheese and mushrooms which was nice  and had some salad too! The final veggie meal I made was a recipe I came up with, using what I had in the cupboard. It was akin to a chili sauce (obvs without the meat) with beans, sweet potato, kidney beans, parsnips and carrots! This was really nice, flavoursome and filling and goes really well with pitta bread too!
Cheesy pasta with mushrooms

The renown Linda McCartney sausages with spinach and butter beans with caesar dressing.


In conclusion, I enjoyed being vegetarian. Never thought I'd ever say that, but I did! I lost a bit of weight, felt lighter, no way near as bloated as I usually feel after a super meaty meal. I loved eating healthily, eating more salads and vegetables than I usually would and trying more meat free alternatives that I definitely will be buying in future! I cooked a lot more and found that I actually enjoyed it too! So there were a lot of pros! Only con was that some of the meals were not very filling but that's probably why I feel a lot lighter so I can live with that! In future, I would like to continue being veggie or at least pescatarian but will probably make the switch once I move out for uni, as it will be easier not being surrounded by meat eaters! For now though, I plan on drastically reducing my meat intake and eating a lot more plant/vegetable based meals!

Ife x

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